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Drug detox clinic in Surrey

An important first step in your drug addiction recovery journey may be for you to undergo a comprehensive medically assisted drug detoxification (detox) programme, before commencing with intensive drug addiction therapy & support.

The purpose of Life Works’ drug addiction detox programme is to remove all traces of drugs from your body in a systematic and controlled manner, whilst also helping you to manage the withdrawal symptoms that are usually experienced when you stop taking these substances. Detox at Life Works lasts for 10 days and has been specifically designed to ensure that the process is safe, comfortable and effective.

Each individual experiences detox differently; even if you have gone through detox previously, no two detoxes are the same. That’s why we ensure that our drug detoxification programme is bespoke to the unique needs of our clients in order to result in the most positive individual outcomes. Ultimately, we understand that someone who is physically unwell will struggle to tackle the psychological side of their addiction. Therefore, detox aims to tackle the physical symptoms of drug addiction so clients can then start psychological treatment and therapy with the best possible chance of success.

24-hour care for our clients

Our drug detoxification programme is delivered in a safe and comfortable environment, complete with 24-hour monitoring. Life Works has a dedicated team of psychiatrists, therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Our specialist team are the backbone of treatment at Life Works and provide 24-hour care to our clients. Anyone undergoing a drug detox at Life Works can be sure that they will be supported both medically and psychologically; our staff are always happy to help and take great pride in supporting clients in every way they can.

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Medically assisted drug detoxification is recommended when detoxing from drugs. The Life Works team can support anyone going through a detoxification process. For more information, call: 01483 745 066 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT.

Once you have completed your drug detox, it is strongly recommended that you transition to the next phase of drug addiction treatment, which takes place as part of our intensive, residential Addiction Treatment Programme.

For more information on the addiction treatment process more generally, you can visit our approach to addiction treatment page.

A comprehensive medical assessment with a detox specialist

Prior to starting treatment for drug addiction at Life Works, you will have the opportunity to receive our free initial addictions assessment. During this, a member of our  team will assess your condition, and determine whether a medically assisted withdrawal detoxification is an appropriate step for you.

If it is deemed that you do need to undergo detoxification for your drug addiction, the next step will be for you to receive a thorough medical assessment and a detailed drug detoxification plan. This plan is developed by our addiction specialists in conjunction with the results of your medical assessment. The plan will take into account:

  • The amount and frequency of your drug use
  • The type of drug(s) that you have been abusing and the method by which you have been taking the drug(s)
  • The seriousness of the withdrawal symptoms that you are experiencing
  • An in-depth appraisal of your overall physical functioning

This page was reviewed by Steve Clarke, Hospital Director, (MSc, NCFED) in 2019 and is scheduled to be reviewed again in 2021.

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To discuss how the Life Works team can help to support individuals and families dealing with drug addiction issues and for further information on treatment and rehabilitation programmes, please call: 01483 745 066 or click here to book a FREE ADDICTION ASSESSMENT.

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