10 Million Brits Guilty Of Drink Driving

drunk driving in the UKAccording to a new survey which has been carried out as part of the Drive Fit Campaign, nearly a third (31%) of Brits will happily get behind the wheel even when they know they’re over the legal alcohol limit. This is the equivalent to an incredible 10 million people.

The results also found that those in their 30s are ‘particularly irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving with a staggering 44% admitting to driving when over the limit. Even more worryingly, 20% of drink drivers in this age group still think that it’s perfectly safe for them to drive after six or seven glasses of beer or wine.

Even though this figure does drop with age, nearly a quarter (24%) of drivers over 50 still drive when over the legal limit. In fact, 19% believe that their alcohol tolerance is higher now than it was when they were younger and it’s this very complacency that makes them particularly vulnerable to the consequences of drink driving as the effects of age also come into play.

Despite such a reckless attitude towards drink driving, amongst those who have done it, two fifths (40%) have encountered serious repercussions including:

* 17% (1.7m drivers) have lost their license
* 15% (1.5m drivers) experienced blurred vision
* 13% (1.3m drivers) have fallen asleep at the wheel
* 13% (1.3m drivers) have crashed
* 12% (1.2m drivers) have injured another driver

The Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern, Jackie Ballard commented:

“Drink driving puts lives in danger and should never be done under any circumstances. Currently the limit in England and Wales is the highest in Europe, matched only by Malta. To tackle drink driving, save lives and make roads safer, we are urging the government to lower the drink drive limit in line with Scotland and the majority of European countries.”

Have you ever driven whilst over the limit? Did you regret it or is this something you do on a regular basis? Should the legal alcohol limit be lowered or do you think a zero tolerance approach should be introduced? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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