Addiction and The Festival Season

drinking and drugs at festivals With festival season in full swing, many people will be enjoying the nice weather and good music. Unfortunately some festivalgoers may also plan on abusing alcohol or illicit drugs.

Dugs and alcohol have always been present at a music festival but they are often dangerous and even drinking can be a risky proposition. With that in mind, Life Works has some advice to offer anyone heading off to a festival.


Many people decided to drink at a festival but there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Aside from the fact that any kind of drinking is unhealthy, remember that alcohol can dehydrate you and drinking spirits or other alcoholic drinks does not replace the water you are losing. With the hot weather, letting yourself get dehydrating can quickly lead to heat stroke, passing out or a number of other problems.

Legal Highs:

First of all, it is important toremember that legal highs are no longer legal in the UK. New legislation means that they are treated much the same as other drugs. Secondly, legal highs have a reputation for being risky and inconsistent. Risky because the formulas for legal highs are always changing so you never know how they will affect you. Inconsistent because legal highs are often mixed with other drugs or cut to different degrees. That means you could get one legal high that does not seem to affect you but when you buy it again, it may be much stronger or mixed with a completely different substance. Finally, legal highs have little to no medical history. That means if there is a problem, doctors may be unsure of how to help because they have never had to deal with a certain legal high before.

Illicit Drugs:

Illicit drugs have serious problems with purity. This means drugs like cocaine and cannabis may be cut with other substances. Sometimes these are harmless but they may also be quite harmful. Illicit drugs also come with heavy criminal sentences and, like every other drug in this blog, the possibility of addiction. Also buying illicit drugs at a festival can be risky. Dealers are often trying to move as much product as possible so you may get a heavily cut dosage or a drug you did not intend to buy.

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, please check out our addiction help page or contact Life Works today.

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