Alcohol Addiction Relapse Prevention

Are you dedicating enough time to your alcohol recovery?Addiction to alcohol is both a physical, mental and spiritual challenge. This being the case those with alcohol addiction need to give themselves the time they really need to get on top of their addiction if they are to achieve long term recovery

Perhaps the most important time for an alcoholic in their healing journey is when they accept they have a problem and want to change. Once this point has been reached the alcoholic can access a substantial amount of community provision in the UK to support them through the most difficult times. One of the major obstacles to remaining on track is the possibility of relapse.

The most common place for alcoholics to receive professional treatment is in alcohol rehabilitation.  An essential part of any alcohol treatment programme is to ensure the alcoholic is prepared for relapse as the early stages of recovery  is perhaps when the individual is most vulnerable. The alcoholic will be leaving the alcohol rehabilitation having had 24/7 support from Support Workers, professional Addiction Counsellors and Medical Practitioners and must focus on maintaining their newly achieved sobriety.

As a consequence of the above we here at Life Works are convinced that people with alcohol addiction need to give themselves the appropriate time in a residential setting to prepare themselves for going back into the community. Only too often those seeking treatment for alcohol addiction, particularly those requiring a medically assisted alcohol detoxes are only too quick to return to the community as soon as the medical part of their detox has been completed. That is not to say there is no benefit in this, but experience has shown us that those that can spend more time focusing on the underlying causes of their addiction once the fog of detox has lifted get the best outcomes. what do you say?

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