Are There Weaknesses in the Steps? By Jamie Moon

The latest installment of Jamie Moon's 12 step blog.In our continued discussion, let’s look at possible weaknesses, either in—or interpreted into, the Twelve Steps.  Beginning with the original Step One, We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol? Yes, that certainly is a fact of the alcoholic but today few come into Alcoholics Anonymous with just alcohol as an addiction. This is just a fact. Yet too often even the mention of these other addictions is prohibited in meetings and too often with their sponsors. Nevertheless, we find with deep and honest investigation, long before current times we have seen that other addictions if not uncovered, cause many if not most—relapses.

I have personally seen that the danger suggested by the refrain found in the Big Book, not to “rest on our laurels.” It is often if not always combined with some other addictive substance, or behaviour. Nearly every “new” Twelve Step Program has come out of someone from the original AA. This is where we hear members and Sponsors say, “I don’t need another program, I can handle anything that comes up with AA’s Steps. And of course that is a fact since there is really only one Twelve Step Program with many different focuses. Nonetheless, we are too often unable to even mention these other addictions in the meetings of many of these fellowships.

Hence, is the need to put a specific label on the addiction which each individual member must identify really necessary? People often talk about the road getting narrower as time goes on. In our conventions they often make a point of having members stand with different years of sobriety. This demonstrates without a doubt that there are less and less members with long term sobriety. What’s up with that? In my case, I am convinced that I just possibly may have drunk again after 22 years of sobriety not only because of the “one resentment” I held onto for 17 years. But, just maybe, it was because of my use of many other substances and behaviours as a resolution to that resentment. I personally used, work addiction, money addiction—and debt for quick fixes. I also used, sex and love addiction, food, etc. to that same end. I wasn’t conscious of this except in hindsight, but just maybe this could have been handled in my original program? If it wasn’t such a taboo to even mention these other things as an additional addiction. I instead, program hopped, looking for the silver bullet that would save me.

There is only one silver bullet—taking 100% responsibility for ones life and the Twelve Steps; worked thoroughly. Now as for the second half of Step One—our lives have become unmanageable. Let’s look at it in my next article…

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