Breaking Bad May Be Behind The Rise in European Meth Use

crystal methThe American television show, Breaking Bad has been a huge hit all over the world and remains a firm favourite amongst millions of viewers. Although it hardly glamorises the use of Crystal Meth, one professor has claimed that the show has sparked a rise in drug use amongst Europeans.

According to the 2014 European Drug Report, seizures of Crystal Meth in Europe has increased by a shocking 66% compared to this time last year - with the sharpest rise being witnessed in Norway and Germany.

It was also revealed that attempts to smuggle the drug into the UK has risen by 400% in the last year while usage in Germany has increased by a worryingly 51%. Prague has also been hit badly as it is now the epicentre of the Crystal Meth industry with a staggering 95% of all batches consumed in Europe thought to originate from there.

Interestingly, the way the drug has spread is different throughout Europe and the community and experience associated with it even differs from country to country.

On the west coast of America for example, Crystal Meth is a drug associated with deprivation. In London it is predominantly a drug used amongst affluent gay men and in Eastern Europe it’s associated with prostitution.

Professor from the University of Staffordshire, Ellis Cashmere commented:

“Even if a TV show like Breaking Bad portrays drug use in a negative aspect and showing its most destructive side, it will still appeal to somebody. I’m not surprised that following the success of Breaking Bad we have news of a surge in the use of methamphetamine”.

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