Current Children's Mental Health Services Are Unfit

child mental health Officials have warned that the current child and adolescent mental health services available are seriously and deeply ingrained with problems.

The Health Select Committee has spoken out about the entire system and has stated that everything - from prevention right through to inpatient services - has issues.

Although the government has stated that it will be investing more money in mental health as well as launching a taskforce in order to drive up standards, at the moment despite the fact that demand for care is rising, in many parts of the country funding is being frozen or cut.

One of the biggest concerns this raises is the fact that children and young people are being taken to police cells rather than to hospital. Because the police can detain people under the Mental Health Act if there is no safe space available in hospitals, it means that youngsters aren’t getting the proper care and attention that they need.

A recent analysis by the Care Quality Commission found that two of the most common reasons why people are turned away from hospitals is because of full wards and staff shortages. Furthermore, when beds are eventually found, they are frequently in distant parts of the country.

Due to the lack of resources available, shockingly, in some areas it has been reported that services will not kick in unless the young person has attempted suicide.

Norman Lamb, the Care and Support Minister has said:

“I am determined to make sure young people get the mental health care they need. We’ve invested £7m in new beds, I’ve launched a taskforce to improve services and we are introducing a new waiting time standard to make sure that young people with psychosis get prompt treatment.”

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