Do Big Sporting Event Fuel Gambling Addiction

Gambling AddictionFor most of us, there’s no harm in placing a little bet on the football, Wimbledon, the Grand National or whichever other sport takes our fancy. In fact, one of the most popular forms of gambling nowadays is wagering on sports and football betting alone is already a billion pound industry.

The problem with this type of betting however is that is taps into the passion of sports fans which means that those who are vulnerable or are already suffering from a gambling addiction, are going to find the temptation almost impossible to resist.

Placing a bet on an event such as the boxing allows fans to prove their knowledge of the sport or to show their loyalty to a particular team or competitor. In addition to promoting camaraderie amongst friends, sports betting can also enliven otherwise boring or one-sided contests.

With one of the biggest sporting events of the year coming up, the Mayweather VS Pacquiao boxing match on May 2nd is set to generate big bucks. All tickets sold out in just 60 seconds and it’s estimated that an impressive three million people will fork out to watch the fight on pay-per-view. That’s not where the money stops coming in however, this is one of the busiest times of the year for bookies.

This puts many problem gamblers in a serious predicament. They may not want to gamble but they are surrounded by temptation. Even excluding yourself from your local betting shop can not stop the pressure.

As well as regular television advertisements encouraging people to bet on such events, celebrities often get involved with the hype which can leave those who are impressionable or vulnerable giving into temptation.

Last week, the successful Hollywood actor, Mark Wahlberg took to Instagram to challenge rapper, Diddy (Sean John Combs) to a very public wager on the fight. In the video, Wahlberg who is on team Pacquiao, dismissed Diddy’s suggestion (team Mayweather) of a $100,000 wager and asked “why so little?”.

This subsequently resulted in Diddy upping the ante to an unbelievable $250,000 wager. With celebrities glamorising gambling such huge amounts of money, it’s hardly surprising that so many people who don’t have this kind of money to lose fall victim to the disastrous consequences that sports betting can lead to.

Gambling can be one of the most destructive addictions but it is also one of the most well hidden problems. Addicts often only admit to their problems when their debts have spiraled out of control. In fact, many people may only find out that a loved one has a gambling problem when they receive collection notices or discover drained bank accounts.

To learn more about gambling addiction check out our Gambling Knowledge Centre. If you think that you or someone you know could have a gambling addiction, please feel free to visit our Gambling Addiction Treatment Programme page for more information. You can also contact us today.

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