Humility, a Difficult Principle for an Arrogant Sod

jamie moon alcohol addictionI was one of those that came around as an “ego-maniac with an inferiority complex.” I believed that my arrogance was confidence and for those that were as unwell as I it must have seemed to be that because I was told that I carried myself with such confidence. I was not. In fact as the euphemistic expression above testifies to I really felt deeply inferior. Now I had tried many—many “self help” methods of attempting to build my “self-confidence” over the past three score and six years. The one thing that I have learned is that nothing the self does on its own can bring me self-confidence and therefore Humility.

Wow! I just looked Humility up in the dictionary and it referred to humble. It is no wonder that we as human beings have such a resistance to Humility. I am tempted to repeat all these definitions as to demonstrate why I say this though I will mention just one—“a feeling of insignificance, inferiority.” So, for me, I will not go to the dictionary. There is a statement in the Big Book says that either God is everything or else God is nothing…What was our choice to be? If your choice is what mine is, Humility is to know that we are each part of God.

I see Humility as—it is not being better or worse that any human being. It is not feeling lower than another but it is not feeling better than anyone. Now I know I have just been redundant but I feel it bears repeating. Some Higher Power being everything than you and I are one with it and therefore individualized expressions of God. Now I also feel it important to remind myself that I am a part of this Higher Power—I am NOT It. It is greater than I.

A life today based on Humility is a life where our equality is a reality. But this does not mean that I do not show respect for the office we have given an individual. Such as Prime Minister or President or Queen or boss, etc. we as the human family have given these example offices meaning. So we respect that meaning. Does that mean the individual is better or that we are worse than them? No. So, for me respect of others as human beings and respect for the positions we (not I) tribute them is true Humility.

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