New Fast Acting Depression Treatment

Depression treatmentA new treatment for clinical depression or bipolar disorder is using low-field magnetic simulation (LFMS) to relieve depression symptoms fast. The new treatment shows immediate and substantial mood improvement in testing with no side effects according to research.

“LFMS is unlike any current treatment. It uses magnetic fields that are a fraction of the strength but at a higher frequency than the electromagnetic fields used in TMS [transcranial magnetic stimulation] and ECT [electroconvulsive therapy],” said lead author of the research and physicist at McLean Hospital’s Brain Imaging Center, Michael Rohan.

Rohan, who is also a lecturer at Harvard Medical School, said that treatments like TMS and ECT all work but it is the immediacy of LFMS that makes it so special. The other treatments take much longer to work which can leave the patient in a very unhealthy situation.

Even antidepressants may take between four and six weeks to fully change and control a person’s mood.

This makes LFMS very special. It can be run using a portable table top device and provides fast results which can be provide relief from depression while aiding other more conventional treatments such as therapy or antidepressants.

This treatment may also be used as a way to kick start depression recovery. Someone in the depths of depression may find it her to motivate themselves to get treatment and work on their condition. By providing even temporary relief, LFMS be used to lift someone’s mood enough for them to seek help.

LFMS could also be used in emergency situations where a person with depression is contemplating harming themselves. Often these people have been battling depression for a long time and simply showing them a light at the end of the tunnel could offer help and hope that they did not have before. 

To learn more about depression, visit the Life Works Depression Knowledge Centre

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