New mums 'at risk' of eating disorders

eating disorderNew mothers may be susceptible to eating disorders.When we think of new mums, we think of happy women who are bonding with their babies but sometimes they can become vulnerable to eating disorders.

Eating disorders do not just affect young teenagers but anyone who has feelings of a lack of control, low self-esteem and depression.

All of these emotions can easily be felt by a new mum who feels like they have no control over their baby who doesn't stick to a sleeping and eating pattern.

They can also feel low self-esteem as bodies change during pregnancy.

Most celebrity mums also slim down and regain their pre-pregnancy bodies just a few months after giving birth, placing unfair pressure on women who cannot afford or have the time to exercise.

The daunting experience of having a baby to look after that only relies on them can also lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety and depression.

All in all is it any surprise that new mothers are vulnerable to eating disorders as they may see it as a way of regaining control on their lives.

New mums can develop anorexia or bulimia as they seek to reassert control over their lives.

Symptoms that loved ones of new mums should look out for include the mum talking about herself in a negative way.

She will be constantly concerned with her weight and body size, while showing an erratic fear of eating a variety of food and with other people.

A new mum suffering with an eating disorder will also eat at odd times of the day and have abnormal sleeping patterns, although these can also be seen as they are looking after a young baby.

Other symptoms include a need for frequent exercise and an increase of certain activities, such as going to the bathroom and numerous showers.

If you're concerned with how a new mum you love is coping and feeling, such as post-natal depression, seek medical advice.

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