Now About Step Two By Jamie Moon

The latest 12-step blog by Jamie MoonCame to believe that a Power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity. Now if we go from the premise that Step One is backward, at least for the purposes of moving forward, then we know what it is we are working on; the actual cause behind our addiction(s). I mean what is it to be insane anyway? Isn’t it a fact that all insanity is in the mind?

I mean the physical is taken care of when we stop the intake of our drug of choice; as with alcohol addiction or drug addiction? Or, it is taken care of when we stop the behaviors of our addiction(s)/obsession(s); such as with sex and love addiction, or co-dependency, or gambling addiction and we go through whatever withdrawals there are associated with any of these addictions/obsessions. And, of course when we stop these behavioral addictions the chemicals that have been on the rampage in the brain and flooding the body, will stop being released.

So now we begin the work of taking on our insanity. Personally my favorite definition of insanity is not Einstein’s statement, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” It is, “Thinking that we can correct our thinking—with our thinking.” Why? Because the moment we go into our brain for answers we are insane. To think that we can find answers to a damaged brain’s wiring by going into that brain where there are well worn pathways to old behavior—makes no sense. It’s insane. I mean isn’t that exactly what we have been trying to do for years, on our own?

Let me propose that what this Step suggests is that there must be something—outside that brain—to help us, some Power greater than that brain, or else. I mean it is cliché to say that the Steps are outside of that brain. And, aren’t they a Power greater that our own brain—I mean don’t they promise us more than we have been able to create with our best thinking? If so, they must be a Power greater that we are—so keep it simple. Without the acquisition of some sanity the truth is we will go back to either the addiction we came in with or find another. To be expanded on later.

If of course you have an understanding of a Power greater than yourself—dare I say, “That is not punishing”—and works for you, great. As far as the insanity portion of the Step, I mean please, can any of us that walks through the doors of any of the meetings, really believe that their thinking is rational and sane? I am really not trying to over simplify the Steps but I am convinced that we all can benefit by constant review and study of the Twelve Steps. If my view of the Steps is the same as it was last year at this time then I have not been a student of them. Or, if I have—I certainly haven’t learned anything.

These articles are meant to provoke conversation and create discussion of the whole process of recovery. Talk to me, be a part of the dialogue.

It has been suggested that I not sign off with Love and Kisses. That it somehow takes away from these articles but it’s what I do. What do you think?

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