Powdered Alcohol About to Hit UK

Palcohol and the UKA new type of alcohol has all the news agencies talking and many observers are worried. The US has just approved the sale of a new type of alcohol which comes in powder form. You heard that right, there is an alcohol that is a powder.

The drink is called Palcohol and users simply add the powder to water or other beverages to make them alcoholic. While this is no more or less dangerous than traditional forms of alcohol, some people have expressed concerns about some of the powdered alcohol’s uses.


The first problem, which has even been addressed by the products creator, is people sniffing the powder. The alcohol is suspended in a sand like structure designed to absorb alcohol and release it on contact with water. If the product is sniffed, it will begin to release its alcohol in the lungs, causing the user to become intoxicated. The problem with this is that if someone snorted, or otherwise imbibed the powder, they might not be able to throw it up which means they are much more susceptible to alcohol poisoning.

To counteract this, the company has added a bulking agent which dilutes the powdered alcohol. This means someone would have to snort or ingest half a cup to get the same effect as a single drink.

Other experts and news agencies have speculated that this new form of alcohol could be smuggled into places where outside alcohol is not allowed. This could be anything from sports arenas to hospitals.

This has some people worried that there could be an increase in drunken behaviour and alcohol related problems at events. The makers of Palcohol have even suggested using the product in cooking to make otherwise normal food alcoholic.

The makers of Palcohol say the drink is for people who enjoy alcohol by may not be able to carry a bottle for a number of reasons but they stress, “we want to emphasize again, when Palcohol is available, to use it responsibly and legally.”

That being said, the possibilities for abuse may make the powdered alcohol a very hard sell.

It is currently only approved for sale in the USA so it will have to be approved before it can go on sale in the UK. 

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