Praying Only for Knowledge of God’s Will for Us and the Power to Carry that Out… By Jamie Moon

12 steps Jamie MoonJamie Moon talks about the role of prayer in recovery.In the last article we discussed what was seen in our inventory process. We found that it was our thoughts that created our life experience. That being so we need to find a way to control our thoughts. That we found was one of the major purposes of prayer and meditation. In prayer we make conscious choice as to what we think about. In meditation we wrest control of where we put our attention. Now we said in our previous article that either we take control of our mind or our mind takes control of us.

The insanity spoken of in Step Two is much easier to understand when we recognize this fact. Insanity is when the conscious mind is dominated by the unconscious or subconscious mind. I personally watch many that I work with slip in and out of this dominance without the slightest awareness of this fact. All of our emotional problems can be traced to this dilemma. So how do we overcome this quandary? We—our conscious selves—take control of our subconscious thinking. We discontinue our belief that we are our ego-mind. We do that by realizing that our ego is nothing but a set of beliefs. No those beliefs have become so dominant in our thinking that we have come to believe that we are them.

In other words we have come to believe that we are our ego. The place we find ourselves once we’ve cleaned up the past is we must keep our house clean. Steps Ten, Eleven and Twelve cannot be worked separately. We cannot do a proper Step Ten (spot or written) without prayer. And we will see in our discussion of Step Twelve that we cannot be of true service without conscious-contact; without trust in Something Greater than we are. The only “knowledge of God’s will” is always to be of service. Whether it was when I was in real estate or the mortgage business or now counselling people in am there to be of service.

I use believe that if I was out of work I couldn’t pray for a job. I thought that that was a selfish reason. But what I have learned is that it depends on my attitude about what I am praying for, more than the “what” of it. For example if I prayed for that job with a selfish attitude—to get mine and the hell with everyone else. That would be selfish. However, if I wanted a job to earn more money so that I can take care of my responsibility and be more able to give to others—that would not be selfish. And anything that is not selfish is God’s will for me. Selfish is my will for me. You can easily see the difference.

That certainly doesn’t mean that others don’t do differently. I’m not saying selfish is wrong, it just is not the way of God’s will. One way I feel a Power Greater than myself working in my life—the other I don’t.

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