Ryanair Bans Duty Free Alcohol on Flights to Ibiza

alcohol on a planeIn a bid to improve the comfort and safety of their passengers and crew, Ryanair has banned duty-free alcohol on all of their UK to Ibiza flights.

The airline has informed travelers that any alcohol purchased after security checks will have to be placed in hold luggage or be disposed of at the departure gate and all bags will be searched prior to boarding. Furthermore, any customers showing signs of anti-social behaviour or who attempt to conceal alcohol, will be denied travel without refund or compensation.

The news comes shortly after the announcement that UK airports should be imposing tougher restrictions on alcohol sales in departure lounges after the number of air rage incidents have tripled in just three years. Being a popular party and stag do destination, Ibiza flights have been highlighted as one of the most troublesome and the airline had already previously banned alcohol on flights from Scotland to Ibiza.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has said that it supports any attempts to deal with drink-related problems on flights and welcomes criminal prosecutions where appropriate. They also reminded people that being drunk on board an aircraft and refusing to comply with instructions from the captain is in fact a criminal offence.

With an increasing number of flights being affected by anti-social behaviour caused by excess alcohol, do you think Ryanair is making the right decision or should people be entitled to make up their own mind about how much they drink when jetting off on holiday? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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