Scotland Has the Highest Cocaine Use World Wide

Scottish cocaine useThe latest UN report has found the Scotland tops the world in cocaine use. A larger percentage of Scots use the drug than in any other country with one in 42 using the illicit drug.

For Comparison, one in 50 people in England and Wales use cocaine according to the report.

If the numbers are correct, Scotland has higher cocaine usage by percentage of population than the USA, Australia or even Uruguay, a country famous for producing much of the world’s cocaine.

In response to this UN report A spokesperson for the Scottish government said, "We do not accept the international comparisons made in this report due to considerable concerns about the amount and quality of the information available in different countries – concerns regularly raised with the UN by Scotland’s Chief Statistician. Indeed, it is likely that other countries are under-reporting their drugs use - artificially elevating Scotland (and other UK countries) relative position. Here in Scotland, we are recognised as having some of the most robust information available in the world and despite what this report says, our national statistics, drawn from a range of sources and independently analysed and assessed by the UK Statistics Authority, show that drug use in Scotland is falling among the general adult population and young people."

This could help explain why Scotland ranks so high in cocaine use but It does not offer a complete explanation. While some countries may under report, many developed nations have equally rigorous reporting standards. That means, while its place at number one in cocaine use may be over inflated, Scotland is still struggling with a serious cocaine problem.

The study also found that Scotland ranks third for ecstasy use behind Australia and New Zealand.

While Scotland is reporting a decrease in overall drug abuse, they may have a long way to go before their drug usage numbers match the rest of Europe.

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