Step One Continued… by Jamie Moon

The second half of Jamie Moon's step one article on the 12-steps.Now, in the last article I posited the question “Is the need to put a specific label on the addiction which each individual member must identify really necessary?” around the seeming obsession that it is vital that we each identify with our addiction. Before I discuss the “Second half of Step One” I’d like to clarify something. I do believe it to be important that, out of necessity, we deal with each of our addictions one at a time. We do work through the process of the Steps with a focus on whichever addiction is prominent at the time. It would for example, be ridiculous to attempt to deal with our food addiction before we deal with our alcoholism, if in fact that addiction is about to kill us or visa versa. And, those of us looking for our “core addiction,” Isn’t that still because we are looking to find that disease of which we then can blame all of our past behaviour on? I personally no longer believe there is a core addiction. In fact I no longer believe the so called First Half of Step One is the problem—at all. It has been the faulty “solution” to the problem.

About Step One’s—Second Half

The problem I believe is an unmanageable life that we have found and will continue to find (unless vigilant) faulty solutions to or as I prefer to call them, “Reliance on faulty powers.” And what life am I talking about anyway? Is it our outer life of bills being paid on time, or getting to work on time, or our financial condition, etc.? I think not. We have all seen people that were drunks, or sex addicts, or gamblers for that matter. So then it cannot be the substance or behaviour, can it really? Haven’t many of us been envious of them?

Too often Step One is read by many of us and our sponsors as “we are powerless over alcohol and therefore our lives have become unmanageable.” Is the answer to the question many (if not most) of us asked when we first came in, “Why me? Why can’t I drink/use/eat normally/exercise normally/love-have sex normally (whatever our so called “primary”)? I have a simple answer that has been starring me in the face for 44 years now. Step One is backwards. What if, we looked at it this way?

“Our lives had become unmanageable—therefore, we became powerless over (whatever our latest drug (or faulty power)).” So that would mean that, the unmanageability of our internal lives, our emotions and thinking, is the real problem. And no, that does not mean that we can drink/use again. What do you think?

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Jamie M

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