Step Three—You Must Believe in God? By Jamie Moon

Step 3 of the 12 steps by Jamie Moon.Step Three—(We) Made a Decision to Turn Our Will and Our Lives Over to the Care of God as We Understood God.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed from my previous articles, I have not gone into a deep explanation of each of the Steps? I will do that later in my postings. Well the journey to our awakening is first to quit whatever our current drug of choice may be. Second to really understand what the problem is so that we can begin our work. And now we must make a decision to do something about that problem—But God? In the last Step we were asked to believe in the possibility of a Power greater than ourselves restoring us to sanity.

So, must we now believe in God? Of course that’s not what the Step asks. It declares that we turn something over to a “God as we Understood God.” Therefore, this being a process, if you put the two Steps together we see that all that is being asked is that we get over our upset with the word God. We’re really asked that we should re-define that word to mean a Power greater than ourselves—that you understand. No one is asking you to believe in the God that you seem to have such upset with.

For myself there is not a religious term that I have not made peace with (that’s not exactly true, I do still have a problem with the word Truth with a capital T, but I’m working on it) by re-defining it to mean what I want it to mean for me. I no longer care what they believe the word to mean.

Nevertheless, what is it that we are asked to turn over?—our will and our lives. Isn’t our will our thinking? Isn’t it our thinking that’s flawed? So, why do so many of us make this so difficult? Isn’t our life simply the actions we take that have come directly out of that faulty thinking? In the last Step we’ve pried open that closed mind to possibility of sanity. And in this Step were seeing what that looks like. Yes, you must believe in God, but you define it. Not easy for our hard heads sometimes.

Love and Kisses

Jamie M

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