Suicide Amongst Men At Highest Levels Since 2011

depression and suicide in menNew figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that the number of men in the UK who are taking their own lives is at its highest level for more than a decade. Despite the fact that suicide rates amongst women have fallen consistently since 2007, worryingly, the male rate has increased significantly.

In 2013, for every 100,000 deaths amongst men, 19 of them were a result of taking their own lives and the overall suicide rate was 4% higher than it was the year before. 78% of all suicides during this 12 month period were in men.

It has been found that the most vulnerable group is those aged between 45 and 59 - however, rates have been increasing in all age groups except in the under thirties. Although the factors that contribute to and ultimately lead to suicide are often complex, the report has suggested that the recent recession could be an influencing factor in the increase. This is backed up by the fact that the areas which have experienced the greatest rises in unemployment have also witnessed bigger increases in male suicides.

Additional research that has been carried out shows that many suicides can be prevented if people are given the opportunity to talk openly about their feelings and seek the proper help and therapy they need. Chief Executive of a mental health charity, Marjorie Wallace commented:

“Our concern is the number of suicides which are preventable and the fact that when people with mental illness hit crisis point, there are no available beds or units and they are sent home from A&E and left to suffer in silence.”

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