Overeating and the Brain

While binge eating leads to a number of overt physical problems, the psychological component of this disorder can be far more complex, and equally as dangerous. Proper treatment requires focusing on both the psychological and physical issues in order to bring about a full recovery.

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Adolescents and Eating Disorders

Being told you are too fat or too skinny could trigger an eating disorderSeptember marks the month when thousands of young people embark on, what will often be their final leg of their educational journey. Universities across England will be welcoming hopeful undergraduate students, many of whom will be living away from home for the first time. This transition may feel like a welcome change and for many this life stage will be remembered as one of the happiest in their lives. For some, however, this will come to mark the beginning of a life-long battle. Research shows that eating disorders flourish in the college/university environment, - in fact the onset for eating disorders typically happen around this time if not before. But what are the reasons for this and what are some of the things that family and friends can do in order to prevent your loved one from developing an eating disorder?

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Infertility and eating disorders

difficulty conceiving for women with a history of an eating disorderIt is perhaps not surprising that women who are or have a history of an eating disorder, are likely to face difficulty conceiving. Eating disorders have long been associated with infertility, due to the drastic weight changes and hormonal imbalances associated with the disorder. Researchers from King’s College and the University College London have examined data from surveys of more than 11.000 pregnant women, including about 500 with a history of Anorexia, Bulimia or both conditions. This is the largest study of its kind in the UK and findings show that not only did women with a current or history of an eating disorder have more fertility problems, but they are also subject to higher incidences of unplanned pregnancies along with negative feelings about having a child. It is therefore important that these women are offered extra support during the antenatal stage.

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The Intelligent Body: The importance of positive body image for successful eating disorder recovery

Our bodies are more intelligent than you thinkA healthy and positive body image is characterized by a realistic perception of the body’s shape and size. This includes feeling comfortable with your body and implies that not all your mental energy is devoted to thoughts about your body and how it might be perceived by others.

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The implications of body image on eating disorder recovery

The role of Body Image during Eating Disorder RecoveryBody image essentially refers to your relationship with your own body. Becoming aware of your own body image can be quite an eye-opener for many. The way in which you think about your body will largely determine how you feel about, and subsequently treat your body and impact on any individual entering eating disorder recovery.

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More than just a body

Healthy body image is important

Declaring war against our bodies is a form of self abandonment. When we focus solely on our physical appearance and derive our entire self-worth from how our body is perceived by others or ourselves we are bound to suffer.

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