We Are Responsible for Our Beliefs

By Jamie Moon

Too often we look back in our lives and blame our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, for our beliefs. When the process for the creation of our beliefs begins, yes early in our childhood, when we make decisions as to what is to be believed. Long before we have any idea that we are making decisions and even more importantly long before we realize the effect those decisions will have upon our lives.

In my study and understanding of the human psyche. I have found that we make decisions for what we believe, at the time; to be the best (or only) decision possible to survive whatever situation we happen to be in. then the human mind gathers evidence from that moment on to prove that we were right. I have found no situation where the human mind gathers evidence to prove it is wrong. Unless of course by doing so it is proving that it is always right about being wrong.

Being as most of the time these decisions were made by us as very young children it is unlikely that we were right. With all the people I have worked with they have gathered this evidence, real or imagined, since those very early childhood decisions. We are experts at being right. The weight of this evidence by the time we are in our thirties, forties, fifties, and in my case sixties can be absolutely overwhelming.

This is why those beliefs feel so immovable. One of the mistakes we make is to try and argue with these beliefs (the ego-mind). We have little or no defence against the enormity of the evidence we have gathered over the years. What are the beliefs we are talking about? Well almost any but the main problems are those general beliefs that create beliefs like, “men are better off than women.” Or those that create prejudices. I am ashamed to admit that I use to be a bigot. I actually believed that there were some humans that were of a lower species.

Now I had lots of evidence to prove this, evidence that I had acquired from faulty sources. But evidence just the same. Its like all the so called evidence that one of the founders of AA was a womanizer. There is no actual evidence but there is a lot of gossip that has been past from one to another to prove these claims. None backed up with facts but only rumours and gossip.

The human mind is capable of proving to its own satisfaction just about anything it wishes to prove.

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