Signs and Symptoms of Cannabis Addiction

Understanding the signs and symptoms of cannabis addiction is the first step towards finding appropriate cannabis addiction treatment and getting your life back. This is, in itself, an important milestone, and we understand how difficult it can be. When considering your current behaviour patterns, relationships and lifestyle choices, do any of these issues apply to you?

Common signs of cannabis addiction

  • You have been caught driving while under the influence of cannabis
  • You have started using other drugs with cannabis
  • You have taken days off from work, uni or college because the effects of taking marijuana/cannabis left you feeling too tired to go to work
  • Your marijuana/cannabis use has been pointed out to you by your employer
  • You have experienced episodes of paranoia
  • You have borrowed or stolen money, or shoplifted so that you could buy cannabis/marijuana
  • You are spending more time with other cannabis users and less time with those who are criticizing you for taking cannabis
  • You’ve missed social or family events because you were recovering from the effects of cannabis
  • You have started to experience more mood swings and irritability when you are unable to take cannabis
  • You are becoming more and more preoccupied with cannabis. You spend your time using it, thinking about when you can use again or planning how and where you can get your next supply
  • You are doing less of the things that were important to you, for example, seeing friends or family, going out or enjoying hobbies
  • You have started neglecting important relationships – for example, you are spending less and less time with your partner or spouse, your usual friends or your children

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Not sure if you have a problem?

Denial is a common symptom of cannabis addiction. You may deny that you have a problem both to yourself and to others, through:

  • Minimising the effects of your cannabis use
  • Criticising those around you for making too much fuss about your cannabis use
  • Concealing your use of marijuana from your loved ones
  • Considerably underestimating the amount of marijuana you are taking
  • Placing the blame for your marijuana use on other people or situations in your life, such as “I smoke cannabis because my parents are constantly on my back”

It is worth considering why you feel the need to do any of these things, if you don’t have a cannabis addiction. It is likely that you are relying heavily on cannabis but you are not ready to admit this to yourself or to anyone else.

Why it is so important to get help

At Life Works, we know that cannabis addiction is an illness. This is central to our Clinical Philosophy and underpins our approach to cannabis addiction treatment. We use the latest neuroscientific thinking to inform our understanding of how problems with cannabis use affect the individual and how we can provide effective treatment of these problems.

Feeling ashamed or guilty about your behaviour can be incredibly difficult and often increases your need to take cannabis, if only to get relief from these feelings. This is one of the most common and insidious symptoms of cannabis addiction.

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