Legal High Addiction Treatment

Legal highs are a growing problem in today’s society. The term legal high can refer to a huge number of drugs that are created to mimic the effects of illegal drugs without actually being illegal. Many people believe legal highs are safe because they are sold legally but most legal highs are just drugs that the government has not been able to test yet. This means legal highs can do all the damage of illegal drugs but they are harder to treat.
Doctors have experience treating overdoses and negative reactions to things like cocaine and heroin. There are medical procedures in place and medical professionals know what to expect. When someone has a negative reaction to a legal high, doctors are often left guessing. Because they have no idea what their patient took, it is nearly impossible to counteract the effects of the legal high.

The signs and symptoms of legal high addiction

It is very difficult to produce a complete list of the symptoms associated with legal highs. This is because legal highs mimic a huge variety of drugs. For instance, some legal highs may affect people in ways similar to cannabis while other legal highs can produce similar effects to cocaine. However, most people using legal highs will display a few tell tail signs. The most common is the feeling that they need to use regularly. Addicts may feel the urge to use legal highs every day. This desire to use often means legal high users often have to use more of a drug to get the same high. Once someone becomes addicted to a legal high, they often withdraw from family, friends and work. It is also common to notice changes in behaviour like becoming more secretive. The only other sign that is common among all legal high addicts is money problems. Addicts may spend more and more on drugs which could lead to borrowing or stealing to fund their habit.

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I think I need legal high addiction treatment, how can Life Works help me?

At Life Works, our legal high treatment focuses on treating the physical and mental addiction to a drug. This can often start with a medically assisted detox to help our clients stop using safely. Once the detox has been completed, our clients can engage in a number of therapy options and other treatments. This includes group therapy and a number of other intensive treatments.

The goal of all the therapy is to help each of our clients understand what drives them to use legal highs. Once they understand why they use, clients can develop strategies and coping mechanisms to help them end their addiction and eliminate the need for drug use.

How can I start treatment at Life Works?

Starting treatment for legal highs at Life Works is easy. The first step is calling our enquiries team. They can talk you though our treatments, explain what how we operate and answer any questions you may have. If you decide Life Works is right for you, our enquiries staff conduct an assessment. This can be done on the phone or in person and simply ensures that we are the right treatment centre to best handle your needs. Once the assessment is finished, you can often admit immediately.

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