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Read our resources and blog posts for support on mental health, addictions, eating disorders and other conditions. Our practical advice, guides and videos will give you the opportunity to help yourself and those closest to you.

How to tell if you have a drinking problem

Within this blog, we will look at how to tell if you have a drinking problem and how to make changes to address any issu…

How to help someone with alcohol addiction seek support

Helping someone with an alcohol addiction is a sensitive process. It takes understanding and compassion, and typically i…

Dealing with an alcoholic parent – advice and information

Coping with an alcoholic parent can be difficult in so many ways. No matter how old you are, and whether you still live…

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal

For alcoholics, the pain of not drinking can be far greater, which can lead to continuous drinking to avoid withdrawal s…

Fighting addiction relapse at christmas

The recovering alcoholic faces a problem at Christmas; how to remain sober during this time of celebration.

The top 10 excuses used by alcoholics

Anyone who has ever dealt with an alcoholic knows they all have one thing in common, excuses. An alcoholic is a master a…

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