Prescription Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

Addiction to prescription drugs such as painkillers is becoming more common. Some people become addicted when they are put on prescription medications for long periods of time. Other people may become addicted when they abuse prescription medications. No matter how the addiction starts, abusing prescription medications is a dangerous practice which could even be fatal.

Prescription medications can have a number of side effects or interactions with other drugs and anyone who abuses them runs the risk of causing themselves serious harm. Without proper treatment painkiller addiction can become worse, leaving the addict isolated and trapped in their own drug abuse.

The signs and symptoms of prescription and painkiller addiction

People suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs often withdraw from friends and family as they become more and more consumed with finding their next supply of prescription drugs. They may also “doctor shop”, by going to a number of doctors with different complaints to try to get the medication they want. They may also go to a number of chemists to buy over the counter medications in bulk. Someone with a prescription addiction will also exaggerate symptoms of an illness or invent new illnesses as an excuse to get more prescriptions.

Because they require a doctor's authorisation to satisfy their addiction, people who abuse prescriptions often spend a great deal of time planning how to get their next high. This generally means they withdraw from life and their behaviour changes. Anything not to do with feeding their addiction may be pushed to the side.

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Prescription and painkiller addiction treatment

Life Works has a proven track record of helping people with prescription addictions. We use a combination of medically assisted detox and intensive therapy to help people break their physical addiction and address the reasons behind their prescription drug abuse.

Often, clients start off by undertaking a medically assisted detox. This slowly removes the drug from their system while we help them deal with any anxiety or other withdrawal symptoms. Clients will do this alongside intensive treatment which includes counselling and a number of other therapies.

We work with clients every day after their medically assisted detox to help them understand the root or their addiction. Once someone knows why they abuse prescription medication, we can help them develop new and healthy coping skills. This gives them the tools to live a drug free life and helps them establish a support network when they leave treatment.

How can I start prescription addiction treatment At Life Works?

If you are ready to start treatment for prescription drug addiction at Life Works we are ready to help. The first step is calling our enquiries team. They can speak with you to gain a better understanding of the problem and answer any questions you may have about Life Works. The enquiries team can either choose to assess you over the phone or bring you in to Life Works for a face to face assessment. If you choose a face to face assessment you will be able to tour our treatment centre.

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