Love Addiction Treatment

Love addicts have an intense need to be in a relationship at all costs. They are addicted to the rush of new romance. This makes them unable to cope with the normal waning of passion inherent in any long-term relationship.

Love addiction or obsessive love is classified as a type of compulsive disorder based on relationships. It can have its roots in early childhood emotional traumas like rejection, isolation, lack of love and not having needs met. This teaches the child unhealthy ways of relating to others very early on. Love addicts can approach relationships with unrealistic demands that cause them to experience constant fear, disappointment and co-dependency.

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At Life Works, we are committed to making this process as easy as possible, which is why we offer a free, no obligation addiction assessment. Your addiction assessment will be completely confidential and will begin to identify the underlying triggers for your addiction, thus enabling the development of your bespoke addiction treatment journey.

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I think I need love addiction treatment, how can Life Works help me? 

Life Works addiction treatment hospital in Surrey offers a comprehensive love addiction recovery program that will ensure a balanced and integrated treatment plan to meet the psychological, physical and spiritual needs of a love addict. As love addiction can be debilitating and greatly impact quality of life, an integral part of our treatment program involves addressing the underlying beliefs and thinking patterns that feeds addictive behaviour. Anyone who suspects they might suffer from love addiction can fill out the free questionnaire on our website. This can help assess whether someone is engaging in patterns of love addiction. Recovery is possible and whether it entails residential or outpatient treatment, our staff in Woking is dedicated to recovery.

What type of recovery program will be used to treat love addiction?

Our Love Addiction recovery program will incorporate cognitive re-structuring and self-esteem building exercises in order to address the underlying issues and thereby stop the addictive cycle. Once the root cause of the love addiction is identified, Life Works professional counsellors will work to help an addict overcome any and all barriers to recovery. This allows love addicts to address their individual issues in an understanding and confidential environment while learning how to be a part of a mature and loving relationship.

What are the signs and symptoms of love addiction?

Love addiction is a very insidious form of addiction, because the associated signs and symptoms are less overt than those produced by an alcohol or chemical addiction. Life as a love addict can be very difficult. Much like co-dependency, the addict feels the need to constantly please their partner in order to maintain a sense of connection. This means the addict rarely gets their own needs met. Love addicts crave the initial rush of passion that a new partner provides. Once the first rush is over, they become disinterested and start looking for another new partner. They can become highly promiscuous and are prime targets for sexually transmitted diseases. Love addicts are also more likely to feel emotionally unstable and experience intense mood swings. This can cause an intense fear of abandonment and may lead to stalking and domestic violence.

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